At last! World's first robot that washes, dries, folds and sorts your clothes for you
The days of ironing and sorting your clothes away by hand could be over, thanks to this ingenious new machine.

These days we have machines for almost all of the most tiresome household chores.

But the laborious task of ironing, folding and packing your clothes away is still something we all have to do by hand - until now.

Worlds first laundry folding robot unveiled

Worlds first laundry folding robot unveiled

Meet the 'laundroid' a Japanese robot that not only washes and dries your garments, but also folds, sorts and stores them away for you.

Simply drop your clothes into the machine and marvel as it first washes them, dries them and then recognises each item and sorts it tidily away.


The device was unveiled at the 2015 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies in Tokyo, where a public demonstration of a t-shirt being washed wowed crowds.

The laundroid has been built by Panasonic, along with technology company Seven Dreamers and house builders Daiwa


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