Sorry, This Is The Hardest Game Of Facial Hair “Would Y...

To beard or not to beard?

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The Ultimate Lipstick Vs. Food Test

May your lipstick last longer than your hot dog.

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Trump, Clinton begin final weekend sprint

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton entered the final weekend sprint toward th...

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These Sex Ed Stories Will Make You Question Our Educati...

“Don’t have sex ‘cause you will get pregnant. And die.”

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18 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Here’s what celebs ‘grammed this week.

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Mass Graves On The Road To Mosul Show The Horrors That...

Anyone we saw, we just buried.

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RIP Vine: Why is Twitter dumping video sharing app?

Well loved but not widely used, the video sharing platform is a casualty of...

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5 deliciously cheesy movies to watch this holiday seaso...

Brace yourselves: Holiday movies are coming. Of course, if you’re like us,...

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BMW's un-crashable motorbike?

BMW’s imagines a helmet-less future for the motorbike

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What Kazakhstan really thought of Borat

The film was a hit on its release 10 years ago – but its reception in Borat...

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US election 2016: All you need to know

The most powerful nation on earth is about to elect a new leader, with the...

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Mac v PC - who's cooler now?

This week saw the unveiling of a futuristic computer in a very slick presen...

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Good News For Penguins And Whales: The Antarctic Ross S...

With 598,000 square miles of protected area, a space twice the size of Texa...

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I Look For Famous Movie Locations And Recreate Their Sc...

Traveling to movie locations of the most famous films (mostly in LA) is a f...

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LEGO Vehicles Take Over The Streets Of Rome

Rome is full of amazing sights. The Colosseum. The Pantheon. The Trevi Foun...

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