Which Bryan Fuller TV Show Should You Have Starred In?
From Pushing Daisies to Hannibal, where do you fit in?

Which Bryan Fuller TV Show Should You Have Starred In?

  1. You got: Hannibal!

    You’re slick, classy and creepy AF. You belong with the best bad boy in town,Hannibal!

  2. You got: Dead Like Me!

    You’ve got a killer sense of humour and sarcasm gives you life. You’d fit right in with George and the reapers in Dead Like Me!

  3. You got: Wonderfalls!

    You love a bit of drama, but always see the lighter side of life! That’s why you’d be a perfect fit in the brilliantWonderfalls, poor bitch.

  4. You got: Pushing Daisies!

    You’re bright, bubbly and full of life. You belong in the vibrant, musical world ofPushing Daisies where anything can happen!

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